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Above is my most recent concept "REACH THE SUNSHINE" titled "Bad But Redeemed".

This piece spawned from a vision of shooting movement aerially. 

Upon listening to Lil Yachty's new album the inspiration for synchronized, detailed, prayer-like movement with "thrashy" interruptions followed.

Below you will find documents from the process.

black swoosh.png
REACH THE SUNSHINE Mood Board (1).jpg
RTS notes.jpg
rts title (2).png

This concept is inspired by Kendrick Lamar's subtle delivery in contrast to his very vulnerable lyrics. Hence, the contrast between the eyes (aka the windows to the soul) and the mouth. 

Eyes Performance Concept "FEAR"

Video Game Concept "GET UP"

"Get Up" originated from the desire to show the range of a dance artist. Ideally, this would be an interactive visual where the viewer could "choose their fighter" and have the relevant video play. It's both an informative and engaging method. 


A creative collaboration with black owned brand CISE. The mood board below shows the pitched concept (with a demo video originally attached to the board for movement and shot reference). The intention is to capture the viewer with simple, aesthetically pleasing movement that doesn't distract from the product. 

Aerial Concept "STIR CRAZY"

"Stir Crazy" is a test concept. Experimenting with aerial shots and moody movement. The viewer should feel like they took a deep breath after watching.

Multi-Arts Concept "IM-MORTAL"

This concept was birthed not long after the murder of Treyvon Martin. The elements include freestyle and a live charcoal drawing.

The artist and co-creator of this concept is Veronica Mason.

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